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Armenian Yard Long Cucumber Taste Test

Have you tried growing this variety of cuke? One of the attractions of this particular variety is the boasting value. They really do grow very large, very quickly. I will show you in pictures what to expect if you decide to grow one of these behemoths in your vegetable garden.

All of a sudden, a huge green amazing looking fruit appears amidst an otherwise ordinary looking amount of foliage.


In mid July it seemed the growth had slowed up, so unable to resist any longer, and seeing the beginnings of other huge fruits, I harvested and brought it to the cutting board. You can see how big this baby was.


The first cut. Let's see what the inside is like.


Hmmm... lots of seeds.


I'm not too keen on eating lots of seeds, so I decided to scoop them out.


Then I cut the flesh into chunks as slices were no longer an option. Even after taking the seeds out there is still more cucumber to eat than you would ever think possible.


The flavor is milder than some of my other varieties of cukes, which in itself is not a bad thing. However I'm not keen on the feel of the flesh which I would compare to that of a melon. So, would I grow this variety again? Actually, after living with the cut cukes in my refrigerator, I realize I am not too attracted to them after all. I think they have novelty value and could get kids interested in growing vegetables because they are so much fun, but when it comes to eating, give me good old burpless or victory any day.

I guess size isn't everything.

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