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One Loss for the Environment

Just recently I had to move. It came as a bit of a surprise, so in my scramble to find a place, get everything packed and all the rest of the annoying things associated with moving, I decided to leave some garden items behind.

I left the new owner a lovely butterfly bush that attracted not only butterflies but hummingbirds too, a pineapple sage with beautiful red flowers as well as some other fragrant flowering herbs. I also left a patch of well tended ground complete with compost all ready for the summer season's plantings.

I loved my little patch of land. I turned it from a bare piece of dirt when I moved in, to a little piece of paradise full of butterflies, hummingbirds, mourning doves and robins. The bedroom and bathroom windows looked out onto this view and each time I looked out the window I felt happy. Along with all the plants I added during my tenancy there, were a couple of old peach trees that still bore fabulous fruits.

Below is a photo of the yard when we arrived.


And now two photos of the yard soon before we left.



I know that not everyone is a gardener - although secretly I can't imagine why - so I was prepared to imagine this little paradise becoming over grown with some weeds and maybe the vegetable patch not being used. But nothing prepared me for the ultimate downer that I was faced with when I learned that the entire piece of land, all that was on it including the peach trees and the ornamental plants growing in the front yard, have all been bulldozed. They are gone. And what is now in their place? A very large truck!

Of course I am kicking myself for not digging up every single plant, but beyond what I see as my loss, is the overall loss for the green movement. Gardens being bulldozed and shopping malls put in their place and housing subdivisions being erected on farm land are all losses for the environment and the little creatures living there.

I sure hope all my little bird friends that lived in that garden have a safe place to go.

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