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September in the Garden - or The Promise of Things to Come

By the middle of September (here in California) anyone hoping to harvest vegetables for the winter table should have an array of little starts that are ready to plant.

I always look on these little guys as the 'promise of things to come', and get attached to them I imagine, like 4Hers must get attached to their animals. Although as a vegetarian, I would not be able to turn my friends over to the slaughter house. However I am very capable of harvesting veggies when the time comes.

I want to share some of the excitement of the new growth in my garden.

Below are teeny leek starts popping up out of the soil. It took a while before I could recognize them as something I had planted and not weeds. They take a long time to come to harvest - 120 days.


The peas I planted did not germinate well - or so I thought, so I planted some more to fill in the gaps, when I discovered the problem. I was happily planting seed peas, and squirrels were happily digging holes to bury their winter supply of nuts and seeds. They dug up more than a few of the peas that I had planted. I found a pea lying on the top of the soil and little holes dug everywhere, which gave me the clue.


I am thankful for the cool weather of the fall because there is nothing like fresh spinach straight from the garden! The baby spinach plants have a strange look when they first emerge.


Waiting to be planted are; cauliflower, broccoli, kale, nasturtiums and calendula. I have been chasing a cabbabge white butterfly around the yard trying to shoo it away from my brassicas!


Tip of the season: if you are thinning out your starts or transplanys, don't throw them in the compost but add them to your salad. They are full of taste and healthy vitamins.

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