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Tef's Taziki - or what to do with all the excess cukes!

Tef’s version of Taziki

Serves about two people

Small carton of natural yogurt. Goat or sheep yogurt is best, or a mixture of the two. (No flavored yogurt.)
One fresh, crisp cucumber
Sea Salt – a good pinch
Dried Mint – one teaspoon
Sprig Fresh mint – for decoration
Extra Virgin Olive Oil – to drizzle over before serving
White wine vinegar - one teaspoon
Garlic (optional) half a clove, or one very small clove

This dish should have a slightly salty taste, just adjust the amount to suite you.

Empty the yogurt into a bowl and add the vinegar. Add the salt, crushing between your fingers as you add it. Add the dried mint, lightly crushing between fingers as you add it.

*If you want to add garlic, crush the garlic and add now. (Not chopped, must be crushed fully almost to a paste).

Gently mix together until smooth and refridgerate while you prep the cucumber. Gently peel the skin from the cucumber being careful not to remove too much skin or flesh, then slice the cucumber in half length ways, and scoop out all the seeds and central watery part.

Either grate the cucumber (messy), or finely slice length ways. You should end up with a pile of 3 inch slivers of cucumber. Add the cucumber now to the yogurt and gently but thoroughly mix.

Just before serving, drizzle just a little oil on the surface, and add a little sprig of fresh mint as a decoration. Serve immediately (and always cold).

Enjoy with hot pita bread and olives as a dip, or as a side dish to go with almost anything.

Aficionados of this dish sometimes add a few drops of Ouzo (Greek aniseed spirit)
Vary the amount of salt to suite your taste.
Vary the amount of cucumber to add.
Leave out the garlic.

from the kitchen of Tef Tewfik from the UK.

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