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The Little Squash Plant That Could

I get asked a lot why I like to work in the garden. Fresh organic produce can be bought at local health food supermarkets, fruit stands and of course the local farmers market. But eating healthy food straight out of the garden is only one of the perks that come with gardening. This morning I happened to see a yellow crookneck squash that I had planted back in May, from a plant that I bought from a nursery. So the life span of this squash plant is very close to over. In human years it is an octogenarian at the least!

This particular plant had already almost out produced every other squash in the garden, and back in August I had cut off all the brown and dead looking leaves - as I find them unattractive - so now it has a long bare stem of about 18", and is happily producing more baby crook necks, and new, green leaf growth, looking like a small fountain of green and yellow at the end of a snake.

New, green leaf growth looking like a small fountain of green and yellow at the end of a snake.

This little squash plant reminded me of why I garden. Not just for the wonderful healthy vegetables, but for all the many rewards that come after a little time in the yard. There is exercise from digging, walking, pulling etc that adds to the daily exercise quota; the energy from inspiration, when you have an idea about a new bed or discover a new plant; the spiritual feeling of oneness with nature; the observation of living creatures that have homes out there in the 'outside' of your house; and the meditation of silence. The garden keeps on giving in every season - just like the "Little Squash That Could".

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