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March 9, 2010

March - Month of the Spring Stir Fry

What a strange month March is in terms of vegetables to eat. Summer veggies all died in December from the frost, next Summer veggies are not yet underway and some of last fall's crop is still hanging on by the roots.

I went into the garden today to tidy things up and started picking a few things for lunch, and behold there was still an abundance of food. I started with the broccoli, most of which are going to seed. They have beautiful yellow blooms that are attracting many bees, so I have not composted them all yet. Among these blooms are viable side shoots that are good to eat even though they look a little elongated or sparse. The stems of course are really yummy.

The kale from last fall has not yet started bolting and keeps on producing fabulous leafy greens to enjoy. Then I visited the turnips. Some are bolting and some not. I had planted them too close together in the first place but they are still good if not a little woody in flavor and the greens are good mixed in with the kale.

I planted two kinds of peas - snap and ordinary - last August for a fall crop and although the plants look somewhat run down, they are still good for some pods.

So after all this gleaning I came up with a Spring Stir Fry (see pic below)


How to make a Spring Stir Fry
First heat up a small amount of Olive Oil in a large wide pan and add some chopped garlic. Throw in any stems, turnips, carrots or other tough customers and let cook for a few minutes with the top on. Meanwhile, chop up the kale and turnip greens and throw them on top after turning the heat down. Throw in a 1/4 cup of water and some balsamic vinegar (about a tablespoon).
I had some left over soy beans I added into the mix and chopped up a little block of cooked soy.

Voila - Spring Stir Fry. Delicious.