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Water Saving - 900 gals or more a year

Want to save on water usage? Here is one thing I do.

I keep a bucket in the bathroom. Not the most visually pleasing thing to look at but they do come in different colors. Each time I take a shower, the hot water takes for ever to get warm, the hot water heater where I rent being a long way away from the bathroom. So I collect the water in the aforementioned bucket which holds around 2.5 gals. I made sure I could lift the bucket (this is a good tip).

I then water plants/container plants/dry grass spots with this water.

If each bucket holds 2.5 gals.
Each week I use 17.5 gals this way
Each month I use 75 gals
Each year I use 912.5 gals

I got my husband to do this too, so multiply each number by the amount of people in your household you can persuade to do this.

Often I use this water in the front yard where I am in full view of the neighbors who probably think I'm some weird old person doing something weird that old people do (that is people over 50!)

A friend of mine uses all the water that would be wasted at her kitchen sink - this is also a good idea, to have a jug close buy to tip wasted liquid into it and then go water the plants.

I still think the bucket idea is better though because you get a workout too!

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