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September 21, 2010

Vegetable Varieties Really Matter

I have an experiment going at the moment to see how long I can keep my broccoli plants growing and producing! I started these plants last January in the deep of Winter (well as deep as California Winter can be) from seeds. I transplanted them out around March and started getting great broccoli by April. But that's not where it ended - as I am still, in September, getting broccoli good enough to eat from these plants.

The variety of broccoli I am talking about is from Renee's Garden, Long Harvest Broccoli, All Season Blend. And I agree - it is All Season when I think they have been going all Spring, all Summer and now into Fall! I first of all topped the large heads off back in the Spring to enjoy as fresh delicious, broccoli. Then came the side shoots, and then came more and more. New heads keep on coming and although they are smaller than the originals they taste just as good and the tiny little side shoots can be picked and thrown into salads as if someone prepared them especially for that purpose.

Below is a picture of the Long Harvest Broccoli in August - going really strong with great new medium sized heads


Just this week I planted some not-so-long season plants as well as planting some seeds of the 'Long Harvest' variety. I am experimenting with how well the two varieties fare. Of course the cool the summer we have been having may have something to do with how long the broccoli plants lasted. But maybe not. It just might be the answer to the prayers of all broccoli lovers - the never ending supply!