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More On Poo

Below is a link to a good article a friend sent to me on various animal droppings and what makes the best garden fertilizer - and why. It also gives other creative tips on procuring poop.


Recently I found a good source of horse poop at some stables next to a park nearby and am very excited at the possibility of a lusher more productive garden this year. I had already bought some chicken manure in bags from Home Depot and spread it around not only on some veggie beds but also ornamental areas. The lettuce patch already looks better.

The horse poo was happily mixed in with some straw, making a more well rounded compost. I added some to my two compost bins as neither of them are ready to use yet. And I also dug a bunch into an empty bed that is waiting for summer crops. The poo mix was too 'hot' to use on plants immediately. It was pretty easy to gather too. I just shoveled it into garbage bags - helped by a friend who held the bags open - which was very useful.

Only a gardener would be this happy about getting poo! we are a weird lot.

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