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Tomato Tasting Event in Redwood City, CA

The last day of August in the Bay Area - a great time to sample the delights of different varieties of tomatoes.

The entries were brought into the "staging" area in different containers, all marked with a label specifying name of entrant and variety of tomato.

Below a picture of the "staging" area. Contestants dropped off their entries and moved on into the "gathering area". No peeking allowed!


Once all the contestants had arrived, off-loaded their entries and moved on, the gracious hostess did her magic. She cut up the tomatoes and carefully listed each entry on a sheet with a letter attached to each entry so they became anonymous. She then laid them out onto the "tasting" table each with a letter displayed. The tasters had to taste each entry and vote on which variety they preferred by writing the letter down on a small piece of paper.

Below is the Tasting Table.


It soon became evident that the cherry tomatoes needed a class of their own! They were so much stronger in flavor than the regulars that they were overpowering. So a quick change of voting rules occurred! The tension could be felt in the room. Who's entry was going to win???

Below - the list of hopeful contestants. Who will win?


List of entries - regular category:
Early Girl (several)
St Pierre
Early Challenge
(Couple of "unknowns")

List of entries - Cherry category:
Sun Gold (two entries)
Black Cherry

And the winners were....drum roll....

SUN GOLD - Cherry - 1st Place
EARLY GIRL - Regular - 2nd Place
SUN GOLD - Cherry - 3rd Place
SUNELLA - Cherry - 4th Place

Below - the happy winners. Our happy 1st/4th winner seems unbeatable. He keeps on winning year after year! Challenge anyone?


...and then we all had dinner - tomato soup (delicious), garlic bread and a salad with tomatoes in it of course!

It was a really fun and friendly event and everyone enjoyed it whether losers or winners, we all won by being there and enjoying the fun!

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