February 16, 2012

Farms Need Winter

Why farms want cold winters | Grist,

First, the deep, killing, subfreezing cold of winter typically eliminated many damaging insects and pathogens.

... Beyond killing the baddies, proper cold serves another important purpose: For perennial crops, shorter days and sustained low temperatures bring a cycle of dormancy, a deep, almost anesthetized sleep, during which growth is temporarily halted.

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December 29, 2011

Throw Away Xmas, Throw Away Society

I always think that here is something very disturbing about seeing a Xmas tree sitting at the side of the road waiting for the trash collectors. This year I spied one on the DAY AFTER Xmas day. See below.


I was driving out of my house on the morning of Dec 26th, and I saw this miserable looking tableau staring me in the face. A poor tree all alone in the midst of a pile of rubbish.

So why does this upset me so much? I think because of all the hoopla leading up to the special day, which over sentimentalizes the large eyes of the children in their holiday wonder looking up at the fairy on the beautifully decorated and flocked tree. The waiting for the wonderful time of the "Holidays" as they are called. The anticipation of all that is good and generous and right with the world.

And then....the very next day, not even a week, or even two days, the whole thing is thrown outside and all the wonder is immediately gone again until the next year when the Christmas machine starts up again.

It is a symbol of our throw away society where certain coffee chain workers have to toil all through the night after Thanksgiving, so that the store can turn from "orange" to "red". Then once again we go from "red" straight into "pink" for Valentine's Day. BTW I have already seen some Valentine's Day advertizing and it is only the 29th of December.

Yes it is a statement once more on our shallow meaningless ideals, where we are all "kindness to humankind" on one day and then the next it's off to another subject. Forget the homeless, forget the disenfranchised, ooh look, pink and shiny!

Below another sad statement on the throw away Xmas. A holiday tree in the back of the trash truck.


Why can't we just be with things for a while? Why can't we think about what we can do to help mankind instead of flitting off to the next thing. You can't help mankind in 5 minutes once a year.

End of rant.